Tips for Choosing the Eyebrow Shape for Your Face
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Determine your face's shape:

  • Oval Face – An oval face has a wide forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin.
  • Round Face – This face structure is long and wide, especially at the cheeks.
  • Long Face – Women with this face structure have their foreheads, cheekbones and jaw line at the same width. In addition, their chins are more noticeable.
  • Square Face – This face structure is most defined by a squared jaw line, and forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are aligned on the same width.
  • Heart Face – This face shape is almost the same as oval faces, but the chin is pointier.
  • Diamond Face – Not many women have this face shape, but those who do have a short forehead, wide temples and angular structures.

Select the best eyebrow shape for your facial structure:

  • Round: The best eyebrow shape for women with heart-shaped, long or diamond faces because it makes their faces look rounder.
  • Angled: If you are trying to look young, then this is the best eyebrow shaping you can choose.
  • Soft Angled: The difference between this shape and the previous one is that its peak is softer and more feminine.
  • Curved: The best eyebrow shape for all face shapes.
  • Flat: Flat eyebrows are suitable for those with long faces, and that is because they make faces appear round.


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